Diploma in Intelligence Management

Goals of the Program

The goal of the ‘Diploma in Intelligence Management’ is to enrich knowledge of staff working in the field of intelligence and further develop prospective participants from the community to the field. This program aims to equip students with academic, technical and practical knowledge on utilizing the existing resources to collect, analyze and evaluate information to generate intelligence so that it can be used by participants to manage and apply to respective field of employment. This program also aims to deliver students with a deeper understanding of the complexities of intelligence analysis, familiarize them with use of various analytical tools and methodologies in order to enable them to contribute as intelligence professional effectively. Moreover, throughout this program, students will be trained to manage and apply their learning to design, conceptualize and produce intelligence products that provide them with real life focus and experience in the field of intelligence.


Outcomes of the Program

Upon successful completion of this program the students will be able to;

1. Appreciate the significance of different models of policing and role of criminal justice system with reference to intelligence.

2. Demonstrate the use of various intelligence products and analytical tools.

3. Recognize international best practices in intelligence management, analysis and application.

4. Recognize the role of intelligence in various aspects related to terrorism and national security.




12 Months


Entry Requirements

Attainment of a Level 4 qualification in the field of intelligence OR

Attainment of a Level 4 foundation study program approved for this program OR

Completion of a Level 4 qualification (unrelated), and successful completion of an MQA approved university preparation program OR

Be 20 years old and completion of secondary school education along with relevant work experience of 02 years in the field and successful completion of an MQA approved university preparation program.



Course Fee

MVR 1500 / month


Date of Commencement

July 2019