Intelligence Analysis Training

Goals of the program

The program is aimed at the investigators and intelligence analysts currently employed at the partner agencies of Maldives Police Service. This programs aims to provide the basic and intermediary intelligence analytical skills necessary to produce basic, logically sound, descriptive intelligence analysis. This program will also provide a foundation, a basic knowledge and an understanding of the concept of Intelligence collection and evaluation processes.


Outcomes of the program

  • Apply the concept of intelligence, its operation in law enforcement and the role of intelligence cycle in the intelligence working process;

  • Explain the importance of intelligence/information collection; List and classify sources of intelligence; Identify the pros and cons of those sources of information; Understand the importance of intelligence evaluation; and Evaluate any available intelligence/information for its purpose of recording and analysis;

  • Recall the role of intelligence analysis in the intelligence process; apply the notion of intelligence analysis; demonstrate the concepts of data integration techniques and charting with available raw information; systematically develop and test inferences/hypotheses; and understand the basic principles of dissemination of intelligence.



    7 days


    Entry Requirements

    Must be employed as an investigator or an analyst at any of the partner law enforcement agencies of the Maldives.



    Course Fee



    Date of Commencement

    Will be announced.