Certificate III in Intelligence Foundation Studies

Goals of the program

The goal course is to offer knowledge and skills that enhance the delivery of intelligence officers and intelligence analysts operating in the law enforcement sector of the country and to enhance the professional standing and International recognition of intelligence agencies in the Maldives.


Outcomes of the program

  • State the principal legislation relating to MPS and the various relevant aspects of the Intelligence and Covert Policing Commands Standard Operating Procedures. (SOP).

  • Explain the principles of Intelligence, the Intelligence Cycle, the National Intelligence Model, and the National Briefing Model.

  • Apply the principals of source protection, sanitization and intelligence grading.

  • Explain the role of Surveillance, Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) handling and recruitment, other related Departments and Agencies, and how they can provide valuable Intelligence.

  • Identify, assess and evaluate, recruit, supervise and terminate a CHIS

  • Identify processes in respect of Intelligence development within the Maldives Police Service and information sharing with partner agencies.

  • Evaluate information and Intelligence in order to develop structured inferences and recommendations that conform to recognized principles.

  • Create analytical charts, intelligence and analytical products, in accordance with recognized principles, that illustrate and explain different types of criminal associations and activities.

  • Present a case based on analytical findings both verbally and in writing in a structured, coherent and professional manner.



    15 weeks


    Entry Requirements

    Completion of Basic Education (Grade 6) OR

    Attainment of a MNQF Level II qualification


    Course Fee



    Date of Commencement

    July 2019 and August 2019