Faculty of Policing and Security Studies (FPSS)

With respect to training related to the law enforcement sector the educational methods and materials have changed enormously, but the basic purpose remains the same: to produce the best-trained law enforcement officers possible. The Faculty of Security and Operational Training provides a venue for law enforcement officers to be the best by undergoing extensive and innovative training programmes at FPSS. The FPSS is headed by a commissioned police officer and is responsible for the development and presentation of all formalized instruction.

Academic training is part of the moulding process of future leaders. The remainder is the implementation of the learned theories and tactics, which is what FPSS is all about: vocational and operational training. The FPSS provides the future leaders with unique opportunity to unleash their talents and skills prior to engagement with the public. The Faculty’s strive is to create and sustain the academic capacity and knowledge needed to provide law enforcement officers with professional training from a multidisciplinary perspective. By providing such professional training, the FPSS contributes to the law enforcement sector’s overall capacity development efforts that seek to develop competent and committed law enforcement professionals.

The faculty is also set to play a key role in standardizing the training of private sector security providers. The FPSS will be the sole provider of accredited private sector security officer training in the Maldives recognised by Maldives Police Service. Thus individual wishing to pursue a career in the private security sector of the Maldives would have to undergo training at the FPSS.

The FPSS provides a unique blend of training, recreation, and social functions to serve the law enforcement officers of the country. It is the total atmosphere that contributes to the professionalism of the men and women of law enforcement sector of the country.

The FPSS also provides various operational training for law enforcement personnel and private sector security officers. Among other prominent courses includes: