Master of Leadership and Management (Policing and Security)

Goals of the Program

The goal of this ‘Master of Leadership and Management – Policing and Security’ is to enrich the knowledge and skills of the participants and upgrade their academic qualification, as per the international best practices. This course is also intended to develop an educated pool of personnel related to the Law Enforcement / Security Agencies where the sector can recruit qualified staff to their organizations in the future and professionalize their services to the rest of the country.
Another very significant goal is to train students in leadership and management field and positively empower them to lead their organization and people within. As such this program intends to develop the participants’ knowledge and high-level professional practice by analyzing the challenges of contemporary leadership and equipping them with the skills to meet them.


Outcomes of the program

Upon successful completion of this program the will be able to;

1. Develop knowledge and high level professional practice in the field and analyze the challenges of contemporary leadership and management.
2. Equip with the recent skill sets to meet today's leadership & management practices.
3. Examine history and context of international policing including Australia and others.
4. Develop leadership skills and capability across law enforcement, security and international policing.
5. Build advanced skills in applying research and investigative outcomes to strategic planning and management.
6. Carry out high-level, independent assessments and provide sophisticated, empirically based analysis of emerging policing and security challenges.
7. Initiate, plan, implement and evaluate leadership activities and policies across the areas of responsibility.
8. Mange competing risks/priorities across administrative and operational environments.
9. Drive development and delivery of strategic/operational leadership challenges and review operational command priorities.



2 years


Entry Requirements

  • A related Bachelor’s Degree OR
  • A related Graduate Diploma / Post Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate / Post Graduate Certificate at MNQF level 8.


Course Fee

 MVR 3,148.25 per month (36 months, applicable only for LE employees)

 MVR 4,722.37 per month (24 months)


Date of Commencement

July 2019