University Preparation Program (UPP)

Goals of the program 

The goal of the University Preparation Program (UPP) is to provide an opportunity for the participants to build their academic skills, experience study in to undergraduate/graduate level study programs. In other words, the program is a preparatory course designed to facilitate successful university-level education of adults who return to higher education through alternative routes, who may not have the required knowledge/skills to pursue university level education. This UPP includes the necessary study components as described in the level descriptors for level 4 qualifications. In addition continuing students of diploma/degree programs who find they are struggling due to lack of background skills and knowledge may also enroll in this program.


Outcomes of the program

Upon successful completion of this program the students will be able to;

  1. Manage students’ own learning at university level courses
  2. Improve communication skills, in both reading, writing , speaking and listening
  3. Gain background knowledge on study skills, academic writing, and using computers and related technology
  4. Develop numerical competence for studying in university programs
  5. Develop personal confidence and effectiveness in tertiary level study programs


 Duration: 15 weeks


Entry Requirements

  • Completion of grade 10 OR
  • Ability to communicate in the language of instruction (English)


 Course fee



Date of Commencement

13th January 2019