Advanced child Interviewing Techniques

Goals of the program

This course is designed to encourage investigation officers to use the advanced interviewing techniques to deal with Child Victims, witnesses and vulnerable victims of crimes.


Outcomes of the program

Elicit accurate, detailed and reliable information from a victimized child

Establishing good relationship between the child and interviewer

Recognize and label different types of questions

Understand the impact of various question styles

Identifying the elements of an effective training program in interviewing children with its benefits

Explain the new interview protocol and its various elements

Demonstrate appropriate questioning strategies for eliciting a free narrative

Consider how limited memory and language can be accommodated in the interview

Demonstrate effective methods of introducing the topic of concern and eliciting a disclosure of abuse in a non- leading manner.



4 weeks


Entry Requirements

Completed Investigation Officer Course.

Completed Family and Child Centered Investigation Course.

Minimum 1 year experience in interviewing children.



Course Fee



Date of Commencement

Will be announced.