Diploma in Forensic Investigation

Goals of the program

This course offers an introduction to systematic forensics investigation and response. The course aims to explain the scientific principles and techniques behind the work. Main areas of study include procedures for crime scene investigation, and concepts for collecting, processing, analyzing, recovering, and preserving forensic evidence this program will give an in depth knowledge on how to deal with the crime scenes and to deliver the required skills in the field of forensic investigation to ensure that investigations are more professional, ethical and effective from crime scene to court.

Outcomes of the program

Perform a range of basic skills and experimental procedures in Crime Scene Investigation.

Apply Crime Scene Investigation techniques accurately and carefully to a well-defined problem and begin to appreciate the complexity of associated issues.

Demonstrate proper techniques in recognizing, collecting, marking, packaging, and preserving physical evidence.

Recognize the evidentiary value of those evidentiary items most frequently encountered at crime scenes such as bodily fluids, firearms, tool marks, fingerprints, questioned documents, shoeprints, and tire treads, and trace evidence.

Demonstrate a good working knowledge and practical skills in examining all types of crime scene.

Present findings in a clear and precise manner.



12 months


Entry Requirements

• Successful completion of higher secondary education or

• Attainment of a MNQF level 4 qualification in a related
field or

• Attainment of a MNQF level 4 foundation study
program approved for this degree program or

• Completion of a level 4 qualification (unrelated) and
successful completion of an MQA approved University
Preparation Program or

• 20 years old, completion of secondary school,2 years of
relevant work experience and successful completion of an
MQA approved University Preparation program


Course Fee

MVR 2100/month for Police Officers 

MVR 2500/month for other students


Date of Commencement

April 2019