Faculty of Crime and Social Science (FCSS)

With the ratification of the new constitution and new laws and acts there are various government and independent agencies mandated to perform specialized investigations, enforcement and regulatory compliance functions that complement those performed by police.

These government and independent agencies address issues that are increasingly more sophisticated, organized and technically challenging than in the past. The specialized mandates and issues faced by these officials require a knowledge base and set of competencies that is different, but generally complementary, to those required by police officers. The lack of skilled and specialized staff at these agencies is a major challenge that they face in operating at optimal levels.

The Faculty of Crime and Social Science is set to play a crucial role in developing the human capacity of these law enforcement agencies by providing best practice investigation, detective and other related training(s). The faculty lays a career pathway for staff of these agencies and anyone wishing to pursue an academic and vocational training related to crime and justice.

A key product of this faculty is its undergraduate degree in Criminal and Social Justice tailored for students with higher academic standings in their higher secondary. Diploma in Criminal and Social Justice is a customized pathway for those without higher academic standing to enroll in the undergraduate programme.