Majority of the courses at ISLES charges a tuition fee from students. Tuition fees are competitive and much lower than in ISLES’s counterpart institutes and academies both locally and abroad. Nevertheless, the financial burden of training on students are shared by the ISLES for some training such as the undergraduate studies by providing scholarship opportunity. Separate application for scholarship has to be made to the respective faculties.

Students can also be sponsored by their employers, agencies or private sponsors. The ISLES also accepts government and private financial institutions’ student loans. Payments may be made in equal installments.

Payment of Fees

It is anticipated that candidates selected for enrollment will be in a position to pay fees in advance of commencing a course of study.

For short courses (less than a 15 week semester) it is expected that the full fee for the chosen course will be paid in advance of commencing.

For longer courses (of more than one semester), it is expected that payments will be made for each semester in advance of commencement.

While some latitude may be offered to those unable to pay on time, no student will be presented for final assessment unless their fees have been fully paid, for the semester in which they are studying.

If a student enrolls and then withdraws from a course they will be liable to receive reimbursement of fees. The rate of reimbursement will be determined by the time of their withdrawal. At the very least a student will be responsible for fees for each and every unit commenced, even if not completed. Therefore, repayment will be restricted to units that have been paid for, but not yet commenced.

Where latitude is offered to students and payment of fees is made beyond the agreed date, ISLES reserve the right to apply a 10% surcharge to cover additional administrative costs of late payment.