Within ISLES it is recognised that security and law enforcement are relatively new topics for academic study in the Maldives. As a consequence, textbooks and academic and professional journals are in short supplies locally.

ISLES and its associates will make every endeavor to ensure that a stock of relevant and appropriate text books are acquired and are available in Male' but will also encourage students to make full use of the internet and on-line research facilities to ensure that students are widely read and their research expands their knowledge.

It is expected that when used in assessments, all research – whether on-line or from textbooks or journals - will be appropriately referenced and recorded. The standard expected in ISLES is that referred to as the APA style of referencing.


Research opportunity at ISLES is offered to practicing officers of the law enforcement bodies who are enrolled in undergraduate or post graduate studies at ISLES. Research at ISLES is primarily focused the following areas

  • - Organised Crime and Domestic Security
  • - Traditional and Non-Traditional Security
  • - Management and Leadership
  • - Enforcement of Law and Justice

Researchers will be closely supervised and guided by experienced staff of ISLES. Each researcher will have to present his/her findings to a panel of experts and defend his/her thesis. Research opportunities depend on the availability and the interest of the staff of ISLES.

The ISLES also provide research of training and development needs within the security agencies in the Maldives.