The law enforcement sector of the Maldives has been striving to improve its operational and developmental standards and to be at par with other countries with respect to these. The law enforcement sector in several instances has launched ambitious programmes to attain this operational and developmental edge. These include acquiring state of the art tools, technology and equipment, collaborative bilateral and multilateral agreements with partner agencies both locally and abroad, and ambitious projects on development of human capacity.

The Institute for Security and Law Enforcement Studies (ISLES) believes that achieving the operational and developmental edge lies in the continual and holistic nurturing of the people in the law enforcement sector of the Maldives. To this end the ISLES offers the law enforcement sector a unique opportunity to nurture their staff. This opportunity is centred on 3 main domains:

  • Support for the continuing education of law enforcement officers to strengthen their cognitive abilities;
  • Professional law enforcement education and training to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge for greater law enforcement professionalism; and
  • Leadership development to build stronger leaders for the law enforcement sector of the country.

The programmes at ISLES comprises of set of course that provides the law enforcement officers of the Maldives with knowledge and training that is both professionally relevant and academically rigorous. Courses are delivered by ISLES staff and affiliate faculty from the various well established foreign and local partners of ISLES. The programmes at ISLES provide the law enforcement officers with an early head start in their careers by serving as a social platform. Students will work in an environment that is both conducive and forges commitment and affinity to their service and developing cohesion between personnel from different Services.


To be the premier provider of professional training and education for security and law enforcement sector


To develop responsible and highly competent personnel for the security and law enforcement sector through progressive, quality training and education